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A Godsend

This guy is absolutely incredible. My phone was completely bricked up with hundreds of photos taken over several years still on there. I was an idiot and didn't upload them to the cloud. I called Verizon and all they said they could do was restore it to factory settings, which doesn't help my problem. I stumbled upon this site and started communicating with Joe. I sent him my phone, and he was able to completely fix it and recover everything. He was excellent about staying in touch throughout the process. Words cannot express how grateful I am. He was very professional and diligent. I cannot recommend him enough.

Matthew Voss

Joe is awesome! My phone was bricked and had been sitting in a drawer for almost a year with no hope of reviving it and he fixed it quickly and returned it! I would recommend him to anyone for his services. Communicated constantly with updates so you never feel like you out of the loop with whats going on with your phone.

Claude Harvey

Clearly knowledgeable about his hardware

From a "rusty old E.E.", it was apparent that there was a deep experience base with these platforms. Beyond the expertise, my experience suggested prompt and courteous/informative communications as well.

Paul Smith

Excellent Service

I bricked my tablet while trying to install a new ROM. I contacted Joe (site owner) and he explained exactly what happened and how much it would cost. He contacted me immediately after he got the tablet and then again once it was fixed. He even sent pics of the working device. I got it back exactly as I sent it except it was now working. I was totally impressed. Excellent job.

Muhammad Abdusamad

Awesome, fast work and great communication throughout!

I'm so happy to have my trusty Galaxy S4 back to life. After flashing and using dozens of custom ROMs on a handful of phones in the past 5 years, this was the first time I couldn't recover from a bricking.

The service provided was absolutely excellent, courteous and professional from the initial order all the way through receiving my phone.

Hopefully, I'll never be in this situation again, but if I am, I'll definitely be sending my phone in for unbricking!

Nick Farr

Fast Professional Service

Joe,thanks again got my Galaxy Mega 2 phone back today works perfect
thanks for staying in constant contact during service very professional great job! If you have bricked your phone Joe is the Man!

Greg Brown

Hard Bricked my GS3 🙁

Hello ya'll!!! So I ended up bricking my SCH-968c a.k.a i535 (Straight Talk GS3) when I flashed the wrong modem. I bought a usb jig hoping it would put my cell into download mode and of course it didn't. I ended up researching for JTag services and came across this website. I placed my order and Joe was very quick to respond. Living in Southern CA I shipped my phone out and under a week I had it back. Everything was working 100%. I very happy with his service and professionalism. I wished I knew about him earlier as I spent countless hours on Xda trying to fix this cell. Thanks a million Joe!!! -Blake

john Blake


I feel like I do when I find a competent and honest auto mechanic. I contacted Joe about my AT&T Galaxy S4 when I was unable to boot into recovery or install a stock ROM with Odin. He worked with me to see if he could figure out my problem. He did figure it out and he did it again...after I was trying to send my phone in!! He never asked me to send my phone in and never asked me for money. I did pay him through his site donation because he earned it.

Boyce Hornberger

Verizon Galaxy S4 bad flash_ I hard bricked my phone

I was trying to return my rooted Verizon Galaxy S4 to stock and the flash failed. After repeated tries I gave up and unplugged it. After that there was no response in my phone when I tried to turn it on. Joe received my phone and in just a couple of days I had it back and it is now like factory new. Joe kept me informed of his action and procedures throughout the entire transaction. Rates for this service were unbelievably low. I can't thank you enough Joe. I highly recommend this tech.!

Thomas Rhoades


This guy (Joe) is an example of what every consumer is looking for. GREAT communication, FAST service. Look no farther for your Bricked phone. Thank you Joe!

Doug Davis

Joe was fast, friendly, and everything he appears to be. Joe answered my questions promptly, asked pertinent questions about my device, and never acted as though I was dumb. Joe provide exactly the service described and did so flawlessly. I know who to turn to if I brick it again, lol.

Joshua Bartlett

HARD bricked my Samsung Galaxy S3!!

Yep, It was DEAD! I totally hard bricked my phone trying to flash CyanogenMod Rom 12. Agonized for DAYS over it. THEN, I remembered reading about JTAG service in Android Forums, and started searching. Found Joe's website. Joe is awesome! He not only saved my phone, but saved me tons of cash and aggravation. Trust me on this.... JOE is the MAN!! If you are certain no other recourse is available to you and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars send your phone to Joe! I am SO glad I found him! I'm telling all my friends about his site, just in case they need his service. May this man live a LONG life!

Wayne Prunkard

I thought my Galaxy S4 was finished. Wouldn't turn on.
I found (BRICKED MY PHONE) in an internet search and after contact I felt safe ib sending my phone.
On Friday afternoon I mailed it off from Louisiana to Michigan. Monday afternoon I was contacted and told it was recieved and already fixed.
I had my phone back working in only six days.
Great service, honest and trustworthy.
If your phone has a problem, don't hesitate to contact Joe.

Darryl Schackai

Soooo damn happy. Got on a wrong page on XDA, flashed the wrong ROM. Hard brick. Would not ever power up. Never heard of jtagging. Found Joe's website. Sent the phone on Tuesday, got it on Saturday. EVERYTHING BACK THE WAY I HAD IT!!! Awesome. Thanks Joe.

joe povis

The BEST place in the world to get any phone repaired

This is the best place none to get your phone repaired . Sent my phone after talking to Joe online and he went over and above to get my phone repaired .It was DURING the Holidays folks . Who does that now ? anyway he fixed this phone an (mind you it was hard bricked for 2 years with a bad rom) i flashed before i found his sight . Folks i seriously cant say enough about this guy and his business . Joe will go over and above and beyond to help you no matter what. And his prices don't change you pay exactly what he tells you . Joe again i cant thank you enough . John


HOX Saved by Joe

I thought my HOX phone was done after flashing a bad ROM. Joe worked tirelessly and brought it back alive again.
I recommend Joe's service. Joe answered all my questions through the chat and emails promptly. He was very professional. I hope I never need this service again but if I do I would use Joe's service.
I used ANOTHER SERVICE out west before and paid extra to expedite the phone. They never knew the phone was there much less called me back after leaving a message. The phone was sent back with the wrong software. Had to resend the phone at my cost due to their newbie blunder. Never again! I was fortunate to find Bricked My Phone who is in touch with you the moment the phone arrives and sent back. Finally a company who still gives 100% service to the customer and your not some number. Thanks again Joe!
Rob Mackey

Rob mackey

I highly recommend

Revived my Galaxy Siii from a wrong rom flash. The service was exactly as described on the site. It was a very FAST turn around with most being in shipping.
The service at was excellent. They had excellent communication before, during, and after my repair.
I highly recommend to anyone that needs any of their services. I know I will use them again when I need repairs they offer.
Thanks again Joe.

Earl Snyder

Completely fixed my hard bricked Samsung Galaxy with very fast and friendly service. The shipping was fast and I got help for other items as well! Pure Awesome

Austin Woodly

Great - Prompt service - Successful results- Reasonable price - JTAG Service!

Over a year ago, my daughter had finally hard bricked her Samsung S3 T999 after one too many root attempts. When the local repair shop said there was nothing he could do, we gave up and the phone sat. Finally I thought that there must be something that could be done because the phone was still otherwise in great shape. A quick web search brought me to, and after a few chats with Joe about the phone and repair process, I felt confident and sent the phone in. Joe kept me updated once he got it, made the repair and then sent it right back - about a week total with most of that shipping. Opened the package last night and the phone fired up just like brand new. I am very happy with and would recommend the service to anyone that needs to resurrect their smartphone after a fatal root. Thanks again Joe!

Ben Holland

Excellent communication, professional service, quick and easy from start to finish. I could not be more impressed, Joe JTAGed my bricked s3 to better than new options and performance. Highly recommended, I'll tell everyone I know about my high quality experience with

Matt Balthrop


Service was quick and pleasant. Customer service was great as well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's curious. The owner takes time to help you on a personal 1 to 1 level with quick email responses.

Wilson Morales

Big Problem Solved

Sunday night I installed about my 15th different ROM in the last couple years on my S3. Time caught up to me and someone published the wrong ROM on the page and I hard bricked. After spending Monday morning looking for answers I found I chatted with Joe about my fears of sending my phone to someone just out there on the internet but during our chat he just sounded right. Sent my phone on a Tuesday, got it back on Saturday reinstalled my backup and it's like it never happened. Joe is a real pro, he does his job, keeps you informed and gets your phone shipped back out. His emails are saved and his site is bookmarked. I hope I don't brick again but I have a way out now if I do. I can't recommend his service enough.
George N

George Neam

Success couldn't have come at a better time.

I thought my phone was bricked...ordered a JTAG service... turned out my phone had a shorted power switch and he replaced it for me and JTAGed my phone. Also ordered a JIG. This is a great service and I recommend this for everyone.

Tasneem Ahmad

Great Service!!!

Joe and his JATGG'ing service are FAN-TAS-TIC!!! Bricked my S3 doing an update, sent Joe a quick note, gave me the particulars on what to do, boxed up and shipped to him on a Saturday. He received the phone Monday, fixed in about 3 hours, with the needed updates, had it shipped back Tuesday. Phone works like a CHAMP! If you need help, Joe can take care of you.
Thanks again Joe, you're a life (phone) saver!!!

Danny Jones

Best of The best

my phone was broken for few months and i was trying to find a reliable person to send it to fix it,finally found it,they fix it, and send it back fast,very responsible person,
i really appreciate what you have done for me with reasonable price,
Thanks again

Amin boroumand

A True Godsend

Had 2 Hard Bricked Lg G pro's. Went to every phone repair shop in the area. They couldn't do anything with them was told about JTAG sent them in my wife's on one and I'm on the other sending this testimonial. Thank You So Much!!! You're for Real

My hard bricked Galaxy S3 is now working as good as new. It took less than a week to get my phone back as Joe fixed it right away and shipped it back right away. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone and would use again but hopefully I won't have to. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


After my Galaxy S3 started refusing to power on, I panicked as I searched the internet for options. The search eventually brought me to Joe's site as a last chance, last resort option. After browsing his site, I felt comfortable enough to email him for advice on my case, as he suggests.

Joe's response was quick, courteous, and thorough. He responded almost immediately to my email, and was able to provide initial support on the same day to see if it was worth it to even try to work on my phone; that is to say, he gave great service even before he knew he would get my business. And he answered all my annoying little questions.

After I sent my phone in, Joe fixed it near immediately and was able to ship it back that same day, letting me know all this by email. In less than a week, I had my phone back in perfect working order.

Joe is a skilled professional and you should use his services without doubt if you ever need them.

Richard Choi

Courteous and Professional Service

Million thanks from Seattle. The best courteous and professional service. I have sent in my Samsung Galaxy S2 for Jtag service and I got it back in 3 days. Thanks Joe.


David Hwang

Really great customer service.. *****-5 star rating.
Will be coming back if I need any jtag repair again.

Gary Powell

Extremely happy with Joe. not only did he fix my phone and ship it out extremely quickly, but he also answered all my extra questions concerning why I bricked it, how to avoid in future, etc. Really got me out of the dog house with my wife. 🙂 Extremely skilled and Excellent customer service. If I brick my phone again, I know who I'M calling.

Ruben D.

Amazing Service and Even Better Customer Service

I hard bricked my Galaxy Note I717 that serves as my back up company phone. I searched for hours to find a company that I could trust with my device. I came across and the first place I checked was the testimonials. After browsing the site, I felt comfortable trusting this company with my device. Moments after filling out the form, I was greeted by Joe who gave me a warm welcome and answered all my questions. As soon as he received my device, the same day I got a email saying it was FIXED!! I was very pleased and shocked that he was able to repair my phone the same day. My phone works like a charm and even better than before. Thank you Joe ! Couldn't ask for a better service or quality of product!!

Bianca Goolsby

When in need of JTAG services, Joe is the best, his services are very well documented and provided them with a fast turnaround and job well done.

My Samsung Galaxy S3 (SPH-L710) was hard bricked and Joe did his magic, AWESOME JOB! Thank you!!

Ernesto Bustamante
A+ Computer Services

Great Service Very fast and professional.

I made the mistake of flashing a bad rom to my galaxy note I717 and it was bricked. It would not turn on at all nothing. I sent my phone here and he was able to fix it and get it back to me in about 5 days I am very pleased I would recommend this service to anyone who has bricked their phone.

Mark Robertson

I hard bricked my S3 recently while not paying attention to what I was flashing on it. I contacted them, explained what I did, and they said they could help. I sent my phone in and recieved emails when it received, while it was being worked on, and when it was shipped back. It was done and shipped back so fast ... Couldn't ask for a better service!!!

Antonio Luciano

Excellent and fast service

After i bricked my Galaxy S4 i made a hasty decision to send it off for JTAG repair. Joe was quick to respond to the repair order and promptly answered all my questions. Turn around time was excellent and I would definitely recommend the service to friends.

Matt J

Once again "The Brickman" pulls me out of a jam. This time I ended up bricking a S3 from AT&T (SGH-I747) and my first thought sent me back to I sent it off and as soon as he got it, I received same-day and returned cause he got it early in the day. Thanks again bro.

Andrew Emile

Thanks Joe

When the power button on my Galaxy s3 failed I sent it in to Joe and had the device back in my hands working great within a week.





Two VERY happy kids @ home!

I managed to HARD BRICK two Samsung Captivates. Nothing would get me past the black screen of horror.

Sent them both to Joe, he fixed them, got me back to Gingerbread stock and had them back in the mail to me the next day.

They're both up & running... and my two kids are now very happy with their father once again.

Thanks, Joe!

Michael D.

Saved my phone

My S3 was dead-to-rights. It wouldn't boot into recovery or download mode, let alone acknowledge any keys I pressed. I sent my phone to Joe and in 5 days (all shipping time), it was good as new.



EXCELLENT Service. Very good turn around.
I got my phone hard un-bricked and sent back to me.. Joe is damn good in fixing/unbricking the phones. No Doubt about it and he is an expert in it. My phone is working great now. He not only unbricked my phone, but also rooted my phone which i can't ask for more.

Thankyou JOE


Superb personal service with alot ofpatient

I sent a brick i535 phone after one lab was unable to bring it back to life and also mess it badly with improper Jtag job.
Joe brought the phone back to life which required a lot of investment and took many hours.
I really appreciate it as the price was cheaper than the lab that was unable to fix it.
This guy knows what he is doing and thanks to him I can use the phone once again.
So again thanks Joe, you are a master in the business.

Ran Alkalay

GREAT and FAST service!!!

I hardbricked my GS3, the JIG wouldn't work. I sent my phone to Joe, In about a week i had my phone back working PERFECTLY!!!! Love the Fast Service! Love the Communication! and best of all, SAVED ME ALOT OF $$$$

Gabriel Cuevas

I bricked my Samsung Galaxy S3 by flashing the wrong modem meant for my other phone. I tried booting it from the sdcard to no avail. I tried the S3 USB jin, nothing.

I contacted Joe who was very professional and he assured me that even though sometimes nothing can be done in these situations that he was sure in this case the JTAG service would work.

He received my phone on Friday and fixed it and put it back in the mail the same day. That's what I call great service! I am very happy with Joe's service and recommend his service to anyone. The price was right $35.00 and he save me $400.00 if I'd had to replace it.

Thank you and great job Joe!

Edward Miller
Techno bub Computers

I acidently loaded a custom recovery to my gs2 that was meant for another phone and hard bricked it. I sent it to jo and he had it fixed the first day he had it and had it shipped by the next day. I had my phone back in no time. Thanks again Joe. Sincerity Ryan Dubay

Ryan Dubay

Yes I hard bricked my phone sent it off & JTAG now I have my S2 T989 back up & running great work extremely fast work & shipping

JaMarques Hudson

Very fast, great service

I flashed the wrong ROM on my galaxy s3. (It was for a different model of the same phone), which hard bricked it. It wouldn't enter recovery mode, or even turn on the screen. Joe fixed it and restored it to a stock ROM in the same day it arrived, then shipped it back the following morning. All of my files were still intact as well. I couldn't be happier, and If I manage to break my phone again (I hope not) I would definitely do business here again!

Arron Christie

Hard-bricked a Galaxy S3, so I sent it to Joe and he turned it around with stock Jelly Bean in under a week for less than $50.

Byron Geils


After making a big mistake flashing a ROM and bricking my phone, I thought it was garbage. I did a search online and found this site and sent in my phone. In one week it came back like NEW! I am so thankful because my phone is like an extension on my body! I will be more careful in the future but knowing that if I make a mistake I can always use this service! I will tell friends!

Dj BUtton

Professional, reliable, and quick!

My phone decided to stop working one night, and wouldn't display my lock screen after I hit the power or home button. I tried pulling the battery,and putting it back in, but it instantly turned itself on, vibrated, quickly booted through the first two things, and then went dark. I checked the internet, and I instantly knew I had a bad power button - short circuit power button. I wrote to Joe asking if he could help. He responded within 30 minutes, and asked me to test his theory on what could be broken. I tested, and his theory proved correct. I packaged my phone, and sent it out Friday afternoon. By Sunday night I got an email from Joe saying it was a faulty power button, and that he replaced it. He also sent me pictures showing my phone was booted up and working! The next day(Monday) he sent my phone out, and in no time I was back on my phone!

Bottom line - Joe is trustworthy, and worth the prices he asks for. He was quick with answers, and knew what he was doing.


Marcin M

Quick, informative, and communicative!

My phone suffered the Samsung Galaxy S3 Power Button failure. I tried testing it myself and couldn't fix it. I quickly turned to and spoke with Joe. He responded to my email within 30 minutes, gave me a price, and reassured me he can fix. I shipped it the next day(was a Friday), and by Sunday night, I got an email from Joe saying it was fixed and running! He even provided me pictures to prove it. He shipped it out Monday morning, and I received my phone soon after. I cannot thank you enough Joe!

Professional, quick, and satisfied. Would do business again, 10/10.

Marcin Miroslaw

Great Service, Support and turn around

I had bricked my LG Optimus G Pro. Found this site via Google Search. Emailed asking if it was possible and got a response within hours. Sent my phone out and within a week had it back, JTAGed and fully operational again. Was informed the whole way of what was going on and all questions were answered promptly. Great company, Great Service and Great Support. Will recommend to anyone that needs such service.

Alex T

Bricked my Galaxy s3 after trying to get back to stock from rooting. I sent it out to brickedmyphone and they took care of it fast! Pictures showing the phone working was a great touch. Thanks again for the fast service and for bringing my phone back to life!!

Michael Connor

Joe is awesome!

Found his site (inadequately advertised Imao) but I was so lucky to find not only a website but great services, not to mention is in my opinion the best electronics I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. he's reliable, fast, friendly, and courteous. He fix my HARD BRICKED Galaxy S3 I believed was a paperweight and gave it life! I'm hardly an expert as I have BRICKED a few and all but this one are in the bottom of a lake somewhere. My point is if you want a professional call on Joe he's a genius and I love'em for fixing my Galaxy S3, thanks Joe. =)

PS: Bout ur advertising I'll help u get the word out and I hope whom ever is reading this believes me because Joe is the man, he knows the business.

Shelley Jo V. Shuford
CEO at Winterland Productions Ltd.

Good customer service. Fast turn-around.

Thanks to the folks at brickedmyphone I've got a new-to-me galaxy note. The phone was fixed and on it's way back in record time. Great Job!

Nicholas Fiorello

Great service great price
I love this website thank you Joe for fixing my Galaxy SIII I thought it was a goner for good until I talked to you personally and you told me about all the phones you've fixed. I was ecstatic when you sent me pictures of my device working again you're amazing thanks again

jeffrey riley


i stupidly managed to hard brick my phone after flashing the wrong version of rom ..and right when i was done smacking myself .. i found this website .. and this great man . joe is literally the best cellphone professional i dealt with before .. he told me what he is gonna do . he did it amazingly and sent me the phone back .. all in a very timely fashion .. once again .. thank you joe

firas sakaan

Sent my phone out to have repaired by Joe, he was extremely prompt, a true professional by any standards. Thought i had wasted my money on a broken phone, it now runs perfect. Thanks Joe!!!!!

Dan Rogers

A+ service!

Hard bricked my phone with the wrong modem. The computer still detected it but it wouldn't go to the fastboot or even show the logo. This service worked for me brilliantly. Phone was fixed and shipped back the same day it arrived. Great communication. Price was more than fair. To my fellow Canadians, don't hesitate. This guy is top notch!

Pete Phommarath

Awsome !!

Well SPAGMAN is my new superhero, Why? S3 was not only dead (boot dead) but also usb port dead! (Hope? none)
He got it, worked his magic on it, and VOILA, S3 is back in bussiness ! ! ! thanks SPAGMAN

German Moreno-Garcia

Short and Sweet.

I thought the site looked kind of sketchy at first, but after seeing some reviews on xda I went for it. I talked to Joe personally, and he fixed my phone perfectly, only took a few days. I would highly recommend Joe's service!

And here's the xda thread:

Charlie Demsky

Thankst to Joe my phone works again.. I wish other services work the same way like this - great communication, fast shipping NO BS, just pure profesional work.
Thanks again .Oscar M

Oscar Malec

Professional, Oustanding Service

I wasn't sure which service I needed when my phone acted up. I had a phone that out of nowhere started to reboot repeatedly even after battery pulls and without pressing the power button. I tried flashing stock firmware back onto my device and it rebooted halfway and left me with no ROM. I asked if I needed JTAG or just a power button and got a response the same day. I sent my phone to them and had pictures showing me the phone ALIVE again which was a huge relief to me. They took amazing care of my phone and now its like new again.
Thanks again for everything!
Verizon Galaxy S III

Myke Larson

Saved me from paying full price for a new phone

I accidentaly flashed the wrong ROM on the wrong device and was left with a hard bricked s3. I took it to Verizon and repair shops but they all said they couldn't fix it. While doing some research, I came across this site. At first I thought this was a joke or a scam. I checked out the site a bit and talked to Joe on chat, which helped me trust the site more. Everyone me kept saying the phone was a goner and there was no way it could be fixed. I sent it in and had it back in less then a week working perfectly. Joe notified me when he recieved, fixed, and shipped the phone back.

I am very happy with the customer care and how easy the whole process is. It's great knowing there's someone who can fix my bad flashes. I'm thankful for the great service.

Elijah Van Rhoads

Fast Repair of Hard Bricked Phones

I sent my phone in and within 24 hours it was working with standard HTC firmware. Before I sentr it in my phone was hard bricked and showed ABSOLUTELY NO SIGNS OF LIFE. Thank you Joe.

Derek Tucker

Joe figured out what was wrong with my phone replaced a broken part and sent it back to me in 2 days! His prices are fair and if you read his blog youll see what a expert he is.I trust him and will always use his repair services. Thank you so much Joe.
richie v.

Richie Vinyard

Excellent service - perfect in every way!

After stupidly bricking my Samsung GSIII (Verizon) by installing an international ROM I turned to Joe and Bricked My Phone for help - not only was the cost more than reasonable - the whole process was flawless - from first contact, to shipment, to receiving the phone back in perfect working order - with excellent, timely communication throughout. One's phone is a difficult thing to trust someone else with, but Joe made it easy, and I would recommend this service without reservation to anyone in need of it. Great job Joe and Bricked Your Phone - a true professional, not to mention you saved my phone!

Randy Beard

This is no joke! IBMF saved the day when I flashed an incorrect ROM recently. I thought my S3 was done for. Joe is great at communicating knowing and respecting the fact that your phone is very important to you. Emails the whole way thru from door to door. Fantastic! -Mark, Chicago, IL.

Mark Murphy

I thought my HTC One X was toast after a bad firmware flash. I contacted, and they were able to fix the bad partitions and restore my phone to working order! Their service was extremely fast and the shipping and communication was top-notch as well. If you have bricked your phone and need help, is HIGHLY recommended!

Brent Holman

Saved my phones

I bricked a phone one year ago and thought it was total loss, got an S3 and also bricked it.
i found different sites but this one had clear instruction and better price. I started the transaction and after a prompt response, remembered my old phone, I asked if I can fix it and I promptly got a response.
They received my phones and few hours later got a picture of my phones up and running and mailed back to me.
They are good as new.

Thank you for the Great and quick service.
Keep it up

Mohammad Ayoub que

Knowledgeable. Precise. Excellent.

I hate service provider's versions of Android OS. When I get a new phone I mod it right out the box. Like a boob, I selected the wrong bootloader (while being distracted by some feminine wiles) and hit START on Odin. That of course bricked my phone. Yosemite Sam said it best whilst falling from great heights. *Expletive Deleted* I did a search on Google for "i bricked my phone", which brought me to this site. Below is my experience with this company.

Knowledgeable, in that on this website, and in e-mail, Bricked My Phone tells you what they can and can not fix.

Once they knew what I had done to my phone they precisely told me what they were going to do and explained what could be expected if all went well.

Excellent customer service was provided through the whole process; convenient ordering online with PayPal; e-mail with precise instructions to make sure your phone doesn't end up eaten by were-bears or any such non-sense; timely responses to my e-mails; update emails while in the process of the fix; and shipping, back to me, with proper protection from damage. They even put my phone through it's paces to make sure it was running well again.

All of that within 4 business days and for about $50. I call that service to remember! Your price and time might vary due to shipping cost, but you still can't beat the service.

Thanks again!

Patrick Zeczycki

This saved my life. For the amount that I'm sure Sprint would have charged me I was able to eat for another week instead. I was a bit worried at first, but not for long as I was hastily contacted after making my payment and kept in contact with throughout the process. Shipping/fixing went FAST, about a week for the whole deal (i live in SF). If you're having any doubts about whether or not this site is legit, you needn't do much more than Google the site and see some forums where people are talking about it. My phone is back and better than ever, I'm writing this message on it! 😉
Thanks again so much! 😀


Jim Hiskey

My S3 Lives Again!

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 that was rendered dead after a bad flash of a custom ROM. The phone sat lifeless for over a month before I ran across ''.

After reading online testimonials from respected XDA members about the service, I decided to give it a try - and am I GLAD I did!

After some reassuring email conversations with the owner, I sent my phone in. Then only 2 days after I sent it out, I received a notification from BrickedMyPhone that my S3 had been successfully revived and was on its way back to me!

My phone is now back in my hands working flawlessly!


Dan W

Fixed my phone in no time!

Fixed my phone, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend to anyone that needs their phone unbricked.

Joey Perez

!!Excellent Service!!

This service is worth it, hard bricked my Note loading incorrect ROM, sent it here and boom I'm back in action. Excellent communication from sending it to receiving it back. You can't beat Joe's price and service! Also VERY fast turn around time. Thanks again!!

Jimmy V

Great fast and friendly service

I bricked my sprint S3 and thought it was done for. I found this site and read nothing but good testimonials, well I must say they are all true. They were very helpful and professional and they made it so simple plus the price is unbeatable. Joe kept me informed about every detail and I got my phone back in a few days. I have no fear of bricking again thanks to Joe. I highly recommend the jtag service. You will not be disappointed. Thank you for everything Joe, your the man!

Terry Rook

Great service!

I bricked my phone on a Thursday, by the next Thursday it was back to me as good as new. Joe kept me informed every step of the way. I hope I don't brick my phone again, but if I do Joe is the man to fix it. Highly recommended!


William Hayes


I was a little bit skeptical at first, but took a chance and sent a bricked One X in. A day after it arrived, I received an e-mail notifying me that it was done and being shipped back out. A few days later, I received it in perfect working condition with the update I was trying to put on it in the first place. Awesome job by Joe, great communication, and worth every penny.

Tim Dufrane

Brilliant Service

Joe was super easy to talk to; he made sure that he thought he could fix my phone before just having me send it to him. Hard bricked it using an international rom instead of the one for my phone. All said and done, I had my phone back, stock, completely working in a week.

Nicole W

Saved my phones life!!

Joe saved my phones life! I hard bricked it and needed a fix. The service was very fast and now my phone is like new again!! If you get into a jam this is the guy to use! Highly recommended!


Excellent service.

I made a careless mistake and routed my phone with a rom meant for another phone. I emailed Joe, he said he could fix it, and he delivered! All within a week too.


Wondrous experience!

I bricked my HTC One XL in the process of updating the bootloader and it was hard-bricked. I searched a forum and it turned out the fastest feasible fix is to have it JTAGged.

I would say a customer experience only starts after you get in contact with Joe. He is an knowledgeable and responsible person who would explain to you the exact potential risks of JTAGging (having to unscrew 2 tamper sticker screws). Also he shows great empathy for customers by replying really fast (< 1~2 hours) and regularly (keeping me updated about how the repair went on).

To sum up this is a really wondrous repairing experience. (Compare Joe's service with this bad example: You will have to pay $25 just to switch from a mini-SIM to a regular SIM at the private-owned AT&T service center in our town -- they do nothing except giving you a new SIM card! (nothing compared to say dissecting the phone and attaching the probe to its motherboard).)

Tommy Chen


The process couldn't have been more simple, and the service was really fast too!

If your phone has been hard bricked, use this company/group. They get it done quick and painless, communicate with you through the process, and their price for the jtag service is one of the cheapest I've seen around. Their work however is anything but cheap, my phone feels like it has just come out of the factory 🙂

Couldn't be more please with how things turned out. If things take a turn for the worse later on (which I certainly hope not), I won't hesitate to use these guys again.

Jimmy Ta

Saved my phone

I stupidly forced an incompatible ROM on my phone, and it wouldn't even turn on afterwards. Joe was able to repair my phone the same day it arrived at his location, and it is working 100% again. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who bricks their phone and who wants to trust the JTAG service to a professional!

Gaelan Lloyd

I thought my phone was dead. I had a friend tell me it was the mainboard. I took a chance and sent it to Joe. I sent it on a Wednesday, he got it on a Friday, he had it fixed by Friday afternoon. I haven't got the phone back but I have the utmost confidence and trust in him. I will get it back first of next week. If you are JTAGGED give him a try. No better

Ricky Younger

Joe is helpful, and he knows his stuff. Contact him through the web form or the chat and he will help you get your phone fixed.

Ryan Hoegg

Honest, reliable and fast service.

Forget about Mobile Tech Videos, Joe is the man!! It was explained to me in detail in an e-mail what service would be done and I got to say there was no B.S. My phone was shipped on a Thursday and returned on Wednesday with the latest firmware installed. Joe I can't express my gratitude enough and I hope that a sincere thank you will do.


Mark Stevens

Absolutely unbelievable!

Okay so where do I begin. About 6 months ago, I bricked my Galaxy S3 from this unspecified rom that was in the forums. Now luckily, I just got a Galaxy Note 2 but I still loved my S3 and I was looking for a while on ways to fix it. Now one of members in the forums mentioned that this website can assist me on this problem. So I got in contact with him and he assured me that he could fix the phone and if he couldn't he would return my money. So I sent it off and what was crazy was he stated he would keep me posted once he got it but the email I received was, "he already received the device, flashed it, tested it and it was already in the mail, on its way back. I couldn't believe it but now I'm writing this testimony from the device. Thanks Joe.

Andrew Emile

Sofa King Awsome Services!

The Spag-man does it right, fast, and at a price so reasonable, I just may brick it again just to feel this way. Being a TRULY satisfied customer is rare in this day and age!

Jacob M.

Very helpful and life saving

I was recently flashing a ROM for my girlfriend Galaxy S3 and everything went great until i pressed reboot. I could not do anything and after tons of research i was wondering if just maybe a store nearby had a jig i could buy. However, the guy didn't even know what bricking a phone meant. So i came upon this site and chatted with Joe about the issues and decided to go through with it. I sent the phone off on a tuesday and received it monday. Only reason being the shipping time, Joe had it fixed within one day. Upon receiving the phone, I placed the battery in and turned it on just like new (although music and photos stayed)!! Great service and excellent feedback, Thanks Joe!

Brayden Kole Knocke

Hard-bricked my SGH-i717 while flashing a custom ROM and Joe was able to fix it for me in an affordable, timely manner. Kudos to Joe!

Dale Whapham


Could not be more pleased. Great communication the entire time. Great price. Very fast and my phone works like new again. Thank you so much Joe.

Austin Lott

Hard bricked my Galaxy s2 t989 by pulling the battery while flashing. Found this site after months of it just laying around. Long story short, I contacted Joe on Sunday, shipped the phone Monday, got it back the next Monday and I'm a happy customer. Great service. Thanks.

Aki I.


Contacted about Jtag service and chatted just before buying. Such a quick and awesome turn around. I will definitely recommend coming here for any unbrick service and telling my buddies about it. Awesome to work with.

Scott Baldridge


Thanks to Joe I can now use my phone again. I thought it was completely bricked, and was on the verge of taking it back to the carrier store. Joe showed me the steps on how to get my phone back to normal and didn't even accept my donation offer. Thanks alot!

Andre Bertelli

Both prior to ordering JTAG service and throughout the actual process, Joe freely and promptly answered any questions I had. Phone was fixed and shipped back out on the same day it arrived. Came back packaged securely. Would definitely use again (but hopefully I don't have to)

Nick Bartel

Only person to offer a solution!

My Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-i717 was actually not bricked and I knew it. No custom software, no rooting done. Just "died" on me and kept trying to restart itself constantly and could not. No repair shops would listen to me that it was not hard bricked, told me it was a dead phone. Joe was the only person that offered any type of solution and told me it was most likely the power button. Shipped the phone off to Joe on a Friday, he had it fixed and in the mail back to me by Tuesday of the next week. I could not be happier!!!!! Got my phone back with out having to reset anything. Wonderful Wonderful service. And a very good price as well. Local repair shops want $100 to do anything.

Dawn Hurley

Joe unbridled my i717. I shipped phone on tues he received it on thurs and shipped it out on Friday. I got phone back on Mon. Communicated whole time during process and phone works like new. Will use again if I brick phone again.

Elvin Goldsmith

Joe is an amazing guy!

Let me tell you!

Joe is a good man! He has helped me bring my i717 back to life after a bad flash! His communication was great, I could actually talk with him via email and ask questions without feeling like I was bugging him. I love that fact that he is very honest and will give you a straight answer! Made me feel very comfortable doing business with him! If I could rate my services with him I would give him 10 out of 10 stars! I will definatley be doing business with him again! "Crossing my fingers I dont have another bad flash!" lol.

Thanks so much Joe!

Blake Valdez

skeptical no more

so I bricked my phone. I searched on the Internet and celebrate took it to someone who charged quite a penny to fix it but was unable to get it working. I was told to trash the phone and possibly sell it for parts. I stumbled across this site and was a little hesitant of sending my phone away to someone I didn't know who claimed to be able to fix it. boy was I pleasantly surprised. Joe is such a pleasant person to work with. he kept me informed of everything. he didn't get annoyed by my millions of questions. if this should ever happen to my phone again (god forbid) I wouldn't hesitate for one second to send my phone to him again. he was able to get my phone up and running and mailed out to me in one day of receiving it. that is simply top notch service. so very happy. thanks again Joe

Nicole j

Saved My Phone (And My Marriage).

TLNGR; I bricked it, Joe Jtagged it, phone works perfectly again. I got it back FAST (took 5 days total, 4 days going to and from, 1 day in his shop)!

I have a Smasung Note (i717 on AT&T). While messing around with different flavors of Android, I found the Liquid Jelly Bean for the i717.

So I Followed instructions from and utilized Liquid JB-v2.0-RC8-d2att ROM from and immediately bricked it.

My wife was not pleased. Especially since she told me I shouldn't keep putting ROM's on my phone. Thank the FSM that I found this site! Joe was very helpful and his turnaround time from the time the phone left my house to the time I got it back was 5 days! Even my wife was impressed.

If you bricked it by installing a ROM, he's gonna' fix it.

Steve OConnor

my phone was gone 4 days, joe answered all my questions and kept me informed the whole time. when i got the phone back it was good as new. i hope i don't but if i ever need jtag again in calling joe. thanks

spencer cloud

Absolutely phenomenal service!

I'm not new to rooting or to the ROM community and I've been customizing my phones for years now. One day last week I was trying a new ROM at work and not paying close attention as I was flashing, and flashed the wrong version for my phone. Upon reboot it was dead and no button combinations would bring it to life. I did a quick search and determined that I'd hard bricked my phone. Doh! Fortunately that search also produced a solution in that JTAGing was a good fix. So I searched for providers of the service and came across this site. After reading the testimonials and browsing the site a bit I felt that this would be a good service to use. After a quick and easy PayPal payment I was contacted almost immediately after purchase with instructions on where to send my phone, instructions on securing my phone properly for shipment, a quick thank you for my purchase and an email where I could send any questions. I sent my phone out and it was received in 2 days. It was fixed the same day, at which time I received an email with an update that my phone was fixed with tracking information and I had the phone back to me in 2 days. Mind you, I'm over 2000 miles from the location so the quick turnaround was a very pleasant surprise! I can't give enough praise for the service provided to me and I definitely encourage anyone considering using their services to do so without hesitation. You won't be disappointed!

Benjamin Butler

Joe and his work are awesome

I hard bricked my Galaxy Note, came across Joe's site looking for help. Was leary about sending my phone to complete stranger, but as others have said, Joe communicates with you, returns messages promptly, will answer your questions and even called me when I asked to talk to him in person. That went long way in my decision to ship off the phone to him. Sent the phone off late Tuesday, Joe had it Thursday and had it fixed, sent back out Friday and I had it on Monday. And it's working perfect. Joe's the man, don't hesitate to send him your phone, you won't be disappointed.

Andy Mysona

Great service and customer support!

Sent my phone in and had it back in five days time. Joe answered all my questions promptly. Would use service again (though hopefully I won't have to). Phone works perfectly, I am using it right now.
Thanks Joe!

John Green

I made a mistake and flashed a wrong ZIP on my phone. This hard-bricked it and it needed JTAG repair. I was leery of sending it away and checked around to local repair shops and found a couple internet services. It was clear that Joe was the best option. He answered all my technical questions up front and made me feel comfortable about shipping the phone to him. The same day he received my phone I got an email from Joe saying he was done and the phone was as good as new with the stock ROM flashed! Got the phone back in my hands a couple days later and it really is as good as new! I also bought his USB Jig and it's well made. I am extremely grateful and very pleased with Joe's awesome service and great communication!! Thanks so much!!

- Eddy

Eddy Hicks


Joe was very quick to reply to my emails, communicated before i sent it, when he received it, and when he sent it back out. he received it, fixed it and sent it out in the same day. Thank you Joe for your skills and professionalism. Corey

Corey Ritterr

Awesome, shipped, fixed, and returned my bricked GS3 in about a week. Definitely recommend. Great customer service, too.

Nick Xie


The price was right, the work seems perfect, and the turnaround time was RIDICULOUS! (In a good way...)

Thanks so much - you guys freaking ROCK!

Best service and experience!

I had bricked my AT&T i717 Galaxy Note. After having no luck with USB Jig, I came across this web site offering JTag service. I simply left a message thru chatting service and inquired about their service. They responded promptly and the cost was straight forward/reasonable. It took total of "7 days" from sending & receiving my i717 Note from bricked status to working status! My wife was a bit weary about sending a pricey phone to a stranger but without a doubt they are honest and professionals in every way. From the start to finish their customer service was excellent! Two thumbs up!

Chung Boone

Well, it is quite ironic that I am leaving a testimonial because I've never trusted them before. Always believed them to be computer generated or something of that sort. Anyways, Joe's service had been great. He fixed my phone within one day of receiving it. Additionally, every time I asked him a question through email, he would respond within 10 minutes or less. Then, mailed the phone back to me, the package was thoroughly packed to ensure the safety of the phone. Just amazing quality of service!

Calvin Li

Awesome service!!

If you screwed up your phone like I did. Send it to Joe!
He Fixed it the same day he got it and had it back in the mail the next day!

Super fast! Super friendly!

David Worth jr

I was skeptical at first but after talking to joe a couple times. You can just tell he is professional and honest. Fixed my hard bricked phone . Awesome service. He fixed it right away and sent me an email updating the status. If your skeptical just talk to him. Thanks again joe.

Paul NYC

I have been playing around with phones for years including jail breaking iphone to flashing custom roms on android phones. However on Christmas day I screw up and did not look at the version of the rom I was flashing (I grabbed the wrong rom) and ended up bricking my AT&T Galaxy Note 🙁 It was a hard brick with no signs of life. I found brink my phone's web site and sent it off to be fixed. Joe connected me right away and answered my questions. Once they received my phone,it was fixed and shipped out the very next day. When I got it back it was working great. Thanks Joe for saving me from myself and all your help! I would recommend this service for anyone that has these types of issues!

Joe Birney

Being questionable to just send my phone away, Joe responded to Emails quick and professionally. Plus he offered the best advice, " if you don't trust me you'll have my addy to come kick my butt"
I got my phone Quickly, faster than most ebay/amazon items and it came back WORKING! I would HIGHLY suggest Joe!

Thank you again Joe!


A+++This guy is the best! He Knows what he's doing! Fixed my bricked galaxy s3

Kevin Jean

Dude U Rock / Honest Guy / Fixed My Phone JTAG I Highly recomm (For Hard Brick)

Marty NY

Great communication. Fast turn around service. Skyrocket is back to life! Thnks


Excellent service. Got my phone back up and running.


prompt service, stick around i might need your service again!

Brim L

I would give 10 stars if possible...brought my SGS3 back from the grave.Thanks

Tejan C

Prompt, Polite, & Professional! Phone is fixed, good as new! This guy's good!

Tony L

You brought my s3 back to life. Thank you

Jack Rose

Great service! Repaired my phone and shipped back very quickly!

Michael Morris

Unbricked my phone! Friendly service with a fast turn around. Highly recommend!

Penny, MO

Thank you for trying!

My phone was not fixable by Jtag but he refunded most of my money.

Jim , CA

Absolutely perfect service ! Save my galaxy!

Jerome , Michigan

Great Service

Extremely professional and great communication!

William , Wisconsin

Miracle on earth


Mark , Minnesota


FAST SERVICE. Thanks for bringing my phone back to life. AAA+++

Juan Carlos , Dallas


AMAZING SERVICE...FAST, PROMPT AND COURTEOUS....Brought my phone back 2 Life!

- Mike , Chicago -

Thank you!!!

Fast and dependable will do business with you again in a heartbeat, thanks a lot !

- Lorenzo , Detroit -
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