SIM / Network Unlock

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 Unlock your phone with our services and gain the freedom to switch carriers or sell your phone for more !

(Please contact me before purchase and let me know what phone make /model you have)

Many carriers SIM lock devices to lower the price of their phones which are tied to a service contract (usually 2 years).

By SIM locking , the carrier is binding the phone to their services, country, network and whatever else is proprietary; thus counting to cash in on the longevity of the contract established when the phone was first purchased.

For example:

If I purchase a T-Mobile phone which is SIM locked it would probably be tied to a 2 year contract, the price of “the latest” phone is $199 not a bad deal, but I would have to use the phone on the T-Mobile plan because using an AT&T SIM card would not work, plus I would still be obligated to pay for the contract cancellation or the monthly bill till the end of the 2 yr contract.

If I purchased a SIM Unlocked device (international version) it would cost a lot more …let’s say $599 but it would be an unbranded phone and if you’re not tied into any contracts you can switch carriers as easy as popping in a new SIM card (research GSM and CDMA for more info).
Another good example would be biting the bullet on a 2 yr contract SIM locked phone and service, at the end of the 2 yr contract the phone is technically yours but its still locked to your initial carrier… if you wanted to switch carriers you can do so by unlocking the device and inserting the new carriers SIM card (CDMA and GSM carriers and phones are not interchangeable).

We use state of the art Hardware/Software to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy Device ! This is a “Direct Unlock” (we need your phone) no codes over the internet that you have to enter and that eventually can get corrupted and fail, we unlock at the Nand level so you can enjoy flashing your phone while keeping your device unlocked.


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