Samsung JIG

Over 6 thousand sold all over the world !

Get out of a soft-brick and achieve download mode the easy way !

If you are a power user and you switch ROMs frequently, sooner or later, you may run into a Soft-bricked device. Our Download Mode microUSB Jig will allow you to access download mode on your Samsung Galaxy Phone.
This comes in very handy when the button combo on your phone is not working , or when you want to reset the counter on certain model phones.
** The counter reset works only on ROMs that are 2.3.4 and earlier**
Once in download mode you can recover your phone by using ODIN or Heimdall from your computer (make sure you have your phone USB drivers installed).

The Jig will not work for a Hard Bricked device in that case you would need JTAG service.

There are way too many Samsung phones to determine which models it works with for sure, chances are though; if it’s a Samsung Galaxy , has download mode and MicroUSB port it will work.
Here are a few supported models (national USA and international models) :
I-9300 Galaxy SIII, i896 Galaxy S Captivate ( i897 ), Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch Sprint, Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Player 5.0, Droid Charge, Infuse 4G, Galaxy S Ace, Samsung S 4G, Samsung Omnia 7, Galaxy S Epic, Galaxy S i9003 SL, Infuse SGH-i997, Galaxy S Fascinate, Impression (SGH-A877), T959 Vibrant Galaxy S, i9000 Galaxy S, Nexus S, Galaxy SII i9100…. and many more models.

If you know your model/phone will work with a jig…it will work with our jig.

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