Samsung Power Button Replacement Service

** This service is for USA and Canada only


If your Samsung Phone just starts vibrating every two seconds out of the nowhere , tries to boot then boot loops or the LCD turns off there is a very good chance that the power button needs replacement.

When I say “power button” I don’t mean the cosmetic plastic part that you push on the case of your phone… but the power switch that is on the motherboard .

Different phones react differently to a bad power button/switch depending on how the power switch failed :

1) If the power switch failed in the open position your phone will have no power at all.

2) If the insulator material is worn out slightly touching the power button (without clicking it ) may activate it and it will feel a little spungy.

3) If the insulator it totally worn out you will get the Vibrating, restart , boot loop …and the phone will never fully boot.

Naturally you might notice that the power button starts feeling and reacting different just before a failure but many times it happens without notice.

I just want to point out that if you have no power after a /root /kernel or modem flash your phone is most likely hard bricked and you need JTAG.

If your phone was running fine and as mentioned above “out of nowhere” you get the vibrating every few seconds, boot loop, restart etc it’s most likely the power button.

Check out how we repair the power button HERE

I offer power switch replacement for your Galaxy Note and several other models.

I also support :

T959 , T959V , I9100 , T989 , I727 , I717 , I747 …All S3’s and S4’s

Contact me if your phone is not on the list.

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