IMEI Repair – Please contact me –

If you are not from the USA and are willing to Pay $70 USD for Express Mail International with Tracking number Please contact me.

THIS SERVICE IS NOT TO FIX BAD IMEI/ESN – It’s to restore the original.

If you have a null baseband/IMEI this could be a bad RF chip and might not be fixable with my methods.

Did a bad flash erase your IMEI number? let us repair and restore that for you!

IMEI stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity” it  is a 15 or 17 digit unique number to identify mobile devices.
You can usually find this number on the phone bar code identity label that resides in the battery compartment (under the battery).
The IMEI number in some cases is also displayed on the original box your device came in.

No matter what country/network or phone you’re using , this number will always be unique to your device, in fact there is a world standard way of viewing it on your phone:

1) Open the phone dial screen (just like you’re about to type a number)
2) Type *#06# (star, hash, zero, six, hash) – send ( like your dialing the call)

You should be able to see the IMEI number, compare it to the IMEI number in the battery compartment if it matches you’re in good shape !
Sometimes while flashing a ROM or messing around in folders you should stay clear of , the IMEI number can become corrupted and carriers might not be able to “register” your phone for service.
Also if a phone is lost or stolen and you report it to your carrier and  local police ,the service provider usually sends the IMEI number to the ” global stolen phones database “, to prevent the use of the device.

When purchasing a phone from ebay/craigslist or a stranger, it’s always a good idea to check and compare the IMEI number of the device with the global stolen phones database, or if possible by contacting the former carrier to “clear” the status of it. The IMEI number on newer phones is a code that resides on a non re-writable chip, it cannot be changed easily (like on older phones) but the number can be restored so the phone can see it.

So in conclusion, if you know your device is not lost or stolen and your IMEI is not the same one that’s on the phone label in the battery compartment contact me so we can fix that.

( This service is currently available on Android Samsung phones ONLY )


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