I717 and I727 Data / Charging micro USB port replacement

This service is offered only in the USA and Canada.

If your phone stops charging or the computer can’t see your phone anymore there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to determine what’s at fault.

For Computer connection:

  • Restart your computer
  • Use a different USB port or computer (don’t use hubs – I noticed Windows 7 and other 64 bit OS have a harder time seeing devices)
  • Try a different phone cable, you would be surprised how easy they fail !
  • Uninstall and reinstall the phone drivers.
  • Turn off your phone take the battery out wait 10 minutes then try all the steps again.

For Charging connection:

  • Try a different phone cord / charger.
  • If charging from a USB port try a different port .
  • Test your setup with a different phone
  • Try Replacing the battery

In both cases you can try cleaning out the charging / data micro USB port on the phone with a toothpick or other non metallic object, make sure the phone is off and the battery is removed , be very gentle when doing this.

If all of the above steps failed there is a good chance that your phone’s Micro USB Charging port needs replacement.

I am servicing a lot of I717 and I727 phones lately that need port replacement,  the main reason is regular “wear and tear” that happens on older devices.

Another thing to remember is that data and charging are two separate entities … just because one is working does not mean they both are.

Sometimes I run into strange situations….. I received an I717 from a customer that was failing to flash in ODIN ( Charging worked), the comm port on ODIN lit up it would start to flash but was just failing at different stages. I tried everything !!!  I was frustrated that night so I went to bed, the next morning…it just came to me : ” Joe…..replace the Micro USB port ” so I did…and Bingo!!

If you suspect that your I717 or I727 needs a data/ charging port replacement contact me … or better yet.. order this service.

Please contact me for other models that need Data / Charging port repair.


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