JTAG LG Optimus G Pro E980 AT&T 32Gb – Unbrick Service / Hard Brick

We now offer JTAG service for the LG Optimus G Pro E980 32Gb AT&T phone.

I finally had an E980 come in for JTAG, the customer had a bad flash and after that it was lights out!

At first glance this phone reminds me of my Note II, it has similar dimensions and it’s stylish …however when it comes to batteries the E980 has the biggest battery I have seen to date in a phone.

In the picture below you can see the E980 getting ready for JTAG.


The E980 is pretty easy to disassemble…no surprises , it’s the usual :

“Remove the back cover, battery then the back screws come out…then with a safe pry tool start snapping off the back cover….ribbon cables etc.”

For this JTAG I opted on using Medusa .The jpads on the E980 are very small …there is not a molex connector so you have the choice of either soldering directly on the board…or soldering a compatible Molex and then using an adapter.

I opted on soldering directly….in both cases (molex or direct) the hardware warranty is void, so it really comes down to the tech’s preference. (Warning : Do not attempt to solder the Jpads unless you know what you are doing)

I accidentally deleted the Medusa JTAG pic that was on my phone…but I will post the next best thing..the JTAG screenshot.


The Phone was detected successfully and the repair file was written.

After assembling the phone I checked download mode…Success! The next thing to do is to flash the phone.


The phone flashed successfully…and rebooted. I checked IMEI , Phone Model first….then I tested the phone by using my AT&T sim card..as you can see it has 4G and Bars.


Another successful JTAG under the belt.

If you have a LG Optimus G Pro E980 or any other LG phone that needs JTAG Contact me using the contact form in the web site menu.

Thanks for following!

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