Q:   I have a JTAG Box ….can you teach me how to JTAG, give me files…show me how to solder etc.

A:   I am not here for JTAG support or teach you how to JTAG…I offer a JTAG service. Emails and messages about JTAG support are going to be disregarded and deleted.


Q:   Somebody else Jtagged my Phone but they couldn’t fix it…can I order JTAG service from you?

A:    If somebody else already tried Jtagging your phone chances are my JTAG service will not work


Q:    Is Jtag Guaranteed to fix my phone?

A:    If you bricked your phone after flashing ,rooting or any other firmware / software modification there is a really good chance that it will work, there is no guarantee.. it all depends on how your phone communicates with Jtag.

If your phone died for no reason….for example during a call, watching a video…browsing the web or any other normal operation then JTAG Cannot fix your phone because the issue is hardware related which means a component on the phone’s motherboard failed and JTAG cannot fix hardware issue’s .


Q:    I have lots of pictures , data and phone numbers on my dead phone…will they still be there after JTAG?

A:    Making sure you have a backup of your phone’s contents before flashing / modifying your phone is your responsibility.

There is a very high chance that your phone will need a firmware flash and a factory reset after JTAG…this will delete ALL Data content from your phone.

( The factory reset is needed or the phone will just freeze on the phone boot screen)

You can opt for the Data recovery Service for $95 if you want me to recover your data.


Q:   Will your data recovery service recover all my pictures ( data )?

A:    If your phone is compatible with my data recovery service I should be able to retrieve all the photos, videos and other data that were on the phone at the time your phone broke. I cannot however guarantee this …all I can do is connect my tools and follow my recovery procedures.

Naturally the first thing is connecting to the phones memory chip …if this is not possible because of a failed memory chip I’m afraid there is nothing I can do.

A successful data recovery fee is $95, your data will be uploaded to the cloud for you to download.

If the recovery is not successful there will be a $20 diagnostic and recovery attempt fee.

Contact me for more info.


Q:    What if Jtag does not work?

A:    If your phone cannot be fixed with Jtag you will get a partial refund , there will be a $15 diagnostic fee for my time / repair attempt. The shipping you already paid for during the JTAG order will be used to send the phone / device back. ( minus $24 for Canadian orders) .


Q:   I am trying to order but the cart does not allow me to finish the transaction…..what can I do?

A:    It was brought to my attention that Internet Explorer ( IE ) might not work that well in some cases….please try Firefox or Chrome.


Q:    How long does the whole process take?

A:    I usually Jtag the same day I receive the phone and it is back in the mail the next day. Because most of the time is taken by the shipping process it’s pretty safe to say that it will take anywhere from 5-8 days from when you mail out the phone. ( This is for USA shipping USPS Priority Mail)


Q:    Can you root/CWM and custom Rom my phone?

A:    Sorry, I do not Root/CWM or custom Rom, there is too much potential for more hard bricks that can lead to hardware failure. You will receive your phone with a Stock Rom, just like “out of the box” new.


Q:    I live one block away from you , can I just bring my phone over and wait?

A:    Because of a few unpleasant past experiences my policy has changed to doing business only through the mail and paypal.  That way phones are repaired in the order they were received or work order created. Please do not contact me and ask if this is possible , Thank you.


The shipping you pay along with the service will be used as return shipping to send your phone back. I do not send shipping labels/Post ready Stamped boxes or other materials for the initial shipping of your phone.

Q:    How much is shipping?

A:    If you are in the USA or have a USA mailing address you can choose between :

USPS First Class $5.00

USPS Priority $7.50

USPS Express Mail $26.00


If you are in Canada the shipping price is $24 , this is USPS first class international with $300 insurance.


If you live outside the USA or Canada  the shipping price is $70 USD this is for fast International Express mail with tracking.


Q:    (USA ONLY) What Mailing service do you suggest?

A:    Please use USPS, first class or priority works fine…if you are in a rush you can send it Express… Please do not use Fedex or UPS, they tend to leave phones all around the outside of my house with no notification. The USPS mailman knows I deal with phones and is extra careful, we always “drop-off / pick-up” in person. Also the closest Fedex and UPS offices are approx. 16 miles away and I will not make that trip out of my way.


Q:    Can I request insurance for return shipping ?

A:    Contact me if you want insurance.


Q:    Do you need my sim card , external Sd card and phone cord?

A:    In very rare cases I will ask for the battery and computer /phone cord, but usually it’s just the phone and back cover (no battery, sim card or external sd etc).


Q:    Ok, I bought the Jtag service now what?

A:    After purchasing the jtag service you will get an automated email with your work order number , you will receive another email from me later with shipping/address information and instructions.


If after reading this you still have questions please use the “Contact me” in the menu to address your questions or concerns.  Thank you

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