About me

Location: Michigan, USA.

Hey guys ,
Just a short introduction ,

After a few years of troubleshooting and repairing phones for friends and family I decided to offer my services publicly.

“Bricked my Phone” was created for all those people that own a smartphone, and like millions of  others, love to flash and mod their phones but unfortunately run into a few issues along the way.

Currently I support the Samsung Family of Android devices , a few HTC and LG as well.

Well, it all started in 2010, I purchased my first Samsung smartphone and never looked back , I was not planning on offering services so my focus was mainly Samsung . Hopefully this will change, the money that I generate from this site will allow me to expand my knowledge and purchase new tools to continue to Improve and offer more services other than Samsung.

I love to read and participate in anything  Android, I am a member of:

  • AndroidForums
  • RootzWiki
  • Samsung Captivate Forum
  • Samsung Galaxy S Forum
  • Android Central
  • XDA-Developers

For Conflict of interest and Troll reasons I will not tell you my username on all these forums (same username for all of them), but chances are if you ever posted in any of these forums I read your post.

Brickedmyphone.com is mentioned and trusted on XDA-Developers and Android Central Forums as a provider for JTAG and other Unbrick / Fix services, you will find several links leading to ” Bricked my Phone” and many testimonials from actual customers.

We have sold over 6 thousand download mode jigs and helped thousands of people from all over..retaining a 99.8% positive feedback ( can’t please them all..lol).

Reviving phones was a personal hobby of mine but when Jig customers started messaging about how the jig didn’t work for them or they told me they were hard-bricked , I started offering the JTAG service with success (behind the scenes).

I know the gut wrenching feeling of a failed flash or endless bootloop… been there.

It’s a catch 22 … if your phone is under warranty you can try and slip it back and exchange it for a new one, naturally you have to lie through your teeth and play dumb when they ask you if the phone is rooted and how it happened.
Then you have to hope they don’t look further into it while it’s getting repaired and they notice it was rooted and the phone bricked because of a bad flash, I read that many people tried the above solution and there are mixed results: ” many got away with it , many got back charged”.

Another issue is the personal information on your phone. If your photos, music and documents are not stored on an external memory card and you don’t have a backup, turning in your phone for a replacement means you just lost everything. On the other hand having the phone Jtagged will preserve all your files in 95% of the cases.

If you have any questions contact me I would like to hear from you.
Thanks for reading.

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